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Security services from the company "Security Guard, Fire watch, 24*7 Camera monitoring, Alarm response"

We believe that the provision of services should be of such a quality as to proactively eliminate any potential threats. We also care about the participants of the events: our specialists operate almost imperceptibly, ensuring maximum safety at the facility. Even in case of non-standard situations, the event continues as usual. At the same time, the cost of our work always remains affordable and adequate.Aps Security Solutions” main services are:
Security guard service (patrols)
Fire watch
Alarm Response
24*7 Camera monitoring (CCTV).

Security Guard

You can hire one private security guard for one day, day, month, or enter into a long-term contract with a security firm. Professional, personal protection of individuals is not a cheap service, and the price for providing personal protection will be different: you must contact us. In the capital, more attention is needed to protect the privacy of a citizen or citizen. That is, to hire security guards for the organization and cost of the service will be more than the organization of the protection of an individual in any other city of Canada. Prices will vary greatly. In fact, personal protection, escort, personal protection service is also an underscore of status.It is important to understand that this is one of the most important jobs, because the security guard in this case is responsible for the life and health of a person, and there is nothing more expensive than this. This is a rule that everyone who decides to devote himself to such a responsible position should understand To date, armed security guards have acquired two concepts, it can be a personal security guard, or a security officer of an individual. Although, the main tasks from
of concepts do not change, both of them are responsible for human life  main thing that it must ensure is the inviolability and safety of the Human any cases, this is a life or death job, as history shows us many cases in which a person remained alive only at the cost of the life of his bodyguard. If we are looking for best security guard try us.

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Alarm system

We offers 24/7 alarm response patrols as per your requirement for home alarm system. Providing valuable support in the event that your home alarm is activated, licensed security personnel attend your premises in accordance with your per-determined security response plan. Installing a fire alarm in a warehouse, office, house or apartment is a necessary condition for maintaining your safety and property integrity. In the primary real estate market, the developer usually worries about this, but in the secondary real estate market, in the absence of an alarm system, it can be installed as part of the overall security system along with other sensors. The installation must be done according to the regulations by a licensed company. In addition, the availability of such a system, for example, for enterprises is regulated by law and technical safety standards.
Fire is the most destructive, unpredictable and uncontrollable element, from which the installation of a high-quality modern fire alarm system will help protect your home or business from it. Today, “Aps Security Solutions” mainly makes installation at facilities located in Surrey canada. As for other regions, depending on the volume of the order, which exceed several rooms, and may also be part of the order from other service areas.
Main components of a fire alarm
Fire safety is a complex technical complex that allows you to detect the occurrence of a fire at an early stage and prevent the further spread of fire by alerting you to the fact of ignition. It consists of the following elements:
the control panel analyzes the state of fire detectors and controls the automation; the indication block displays the state of the alarm; an uninterruptible power supply maintains the system even in the absence of electricity: ✓ various sensors detect fires or combustion products.

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